Today we will Do our final work with the phonetic alphabet IPA. Just follow the instructions to do today's activity.

In a word document with the title: Pronunciation Exercises. Create a chart as follows:


My IPA transcription

Correct IPA transcription

My pronunciation link

Now follow this instructions to fill the chart.

1. Select 5 of the following words and write them in the first column:

gorgeous, thoroughly, daughter, challenge, enhance, variety, influence, effect, whistle, throughout

2. Listen to their pronunciation by using this website. Practice your own pronunciation.

3. Try making the phonetic transcription according to what you heard. You can use the this website to make it. Copy your phonetic transcription in the second column.

4. Use the following website to verify the correct transcription and write it in the third column.

5. Now practice again the pronunciation of the words. Record them. Compare them with the exercise done in step 2. And when you are ready, go to step 6.

6. Record your pronunciation of the words in this website. Paste the link in the last column of your chart.

7. How was this exercise useful for you? Write your answer under the chart.

Thank you for your hard work. At the end of the exercise, please e-mail me your work to jorge.zea@ugc.edu.co Please write in the subject: (Your Name) Phonetics and Phonology

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