Check list for Animoto

Today I gave my students their checklist for analyzing their Animoto videos. The learners understood the intention of self assessing their tasks, and giving feedback to a classmates. In order to do this, I asked them to review the video of a classmate based on the check list, and then answer the following questions: What did you like about the video? How can the video be improved? According to the checklist what aspects are missing?

The following is the checklist I gave to the students for checking their Animoto videos.



I used original pictures for my Animoto presentation.

My video is organized in a way that is easy to understand.

I have no grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.

I sent the video to my teacher and to my peer corrector on time.

The feedback the students gave demonstrated help for their classmates, they commented that the feedback helped them improve their work. They are demonstrating motivation for Cooperation, an autonomous learning behavior basis of this project. They were motivated because they wanted to see the video of their classmate.


Teaching Animoto

Today I taught my students how to use Animoto. First, I showed them a video I created and they were very motivated into doing their own videos. Here is the video I showed them:

Then I gave them each an access login and password, this is because animoto does not allow underage users, so I am like a supervisor. They were very motivated to create their video but there were some problems that I did not take into account.

The biggest problem is that they cannot create different videos at the same time with the same login. In this case there are two solutions that I thought of, the first one which is a bit difficult is to direct them to create their own Animoto account. And the second one is to precreate 5 videos for each account which might allow them to manipulate the videos without interferring with the others.


Tomorrow I am starting to apply my instruments

Tomorrow I am starting to apply my data collection instruments with my students. I decided to use the Computers class I teach to my fourth graders to show them how the first online video-making tool works: ANIMOTO. We will use Animoto as an introduction to the topic that I want them to be encourage with, their Interests. After the computer class of tomorrow I will apply the survey that was planned for the previous week but it was not possible to do because of extracurricular activities. On Wednesday we will start talking about the video they have to bring for Friday and discuss with a partner.