Reported Speech and Good Manners Vocab

Welcome to today's session

1. Let's start by doing these exercises:



2.  Create a new post called: "Reported Speech about Good manners"

3.  In your post write 5 reported speech sentences (related to the author of the DVD) about the following video:


Exercises Past Perfect simple and continuous

1.  Please Go to the following website and do the exercises, proposed.  http://www.myenglishpages.com/site_php_files/grammar-exercise-past-perfect.php

2.  In a new post in your blog with the Title:  "Task 2:  Past Perfect Simple and Continuos"  Write how many answers you got wrong in the first try.  Do the exercises again until they you don't have mistakes.

3.  Watch the following video and describe what is happening using the  Past Perfect simple and continuous.  Write it in your blog in NO more than 10 sentences not less than 5.

Write your Address of the blog

When you have a blog, please write your address in this link: