Previous video Activities

In this entrance I want to show you the activities that I have done with my students while creating videos with them. Doing these Activities I was motivated to encourage my learners to be motivated to an autonomous learning behavior through video activities.

The first set of videos were created based on stories thought by my students. After they thought of a story, we started to create a script for the video. These were the videos that came up:

The following video was done as a way to prove that language awareness is possible with elementary school students. Even though they don't sound natural, after a year of doing the video, they still remember this class and correct eachother using this video as a reference.

The folowing videos were done based on a website called Xtranormal. The students were asked to think about their crazy twins and describe them different from what they were. Here are a couple of examples of what they did.

These videos have proved that in an elementary classroom students not only prefer to watch and analyze videos, they also love to create them, this is why I believe that the creation of videos is a great way to promote learner autonomy at an early age.