Good evening!

I hope that today you are able to follow instructions accurately. All you need to do is read all the instructions bellow.

1. Read all the instructions before you do anything.

2. Find 100 websites related to phonetics and phonology.

3. Create a summary of 200 words for each of the websites.

4. Find information about what are Consonant Clusters.

5. Create a post in your blog with the title Consonant Clusters.

6. Define what are consonant clusters in your post as number one.

7. Answer this question in a complete sentence in your post as number two: Which is the longest consonant cluster in English?

8. Make a list of 10 words that have difficult consonant clusters for pronunciation.

9. Post the 10 words, write its definition, write the letters that make the consonant cluster, and its recording (using vocaroo.com) so that they look like this:

1. throughout: all the way through. Consonant Cluster: thr

2. risk: a situation involving exposure to danger. Consonant Cluster: sk

Continue like this for the other words.

Make sure you number each word as the example.

(Ask your teacher for assistance to do this part, if your teacher is busy see if one of your classmates can help you)

10. At the end of your post write a reflection about what you learned in this class.

11. Only do the instructions starting from number 5.

12. Publish your post.

Thank you for following instructions properly. This websites may help you in finding words:







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