Check list for Xtranormal

For this tasks the students, trusted much more the guidance of their classmates, they looked for my help only when they could not find the solution to their problem. They demonstrated organization of their work by assigning a time to develop their videos. The following is the checklist they used to self correct and peer correct their task:

Xtranormal Checklist



The video addresses the four questions given for the task.

The video uses more than 4 cameras shots.

The video has logical pauses.

The video is understandable. (For this you need to check punctuation, spelling, and grammar)

The video uses different tools given by Xtranormal.

I sent the video to my teacher and to my peer corrector on time.


Assigning the Xtranormal Task and example of Animoto Task

The following is an example of the first task, Where the students used Animoto. The example shown demonstrates that the students are able to work independently in order to achieve their tasks.

The students were very motivated to create this task, they showed a great ability using the tools provided by Animoto. After doing this I presented the next task. We worked creating a script for Xtranormal. The script contained 4 questions: What is your number one interest? Why is this interest important to you? What would you like to learn/find out about your interest? and Invite your classmates to get involve with your interest. The task is explained in the following Xtranormal video I created: