Upper Intermediate 2nd Strike Exam

PLEASE:  When you get your certificate, publish it in your blog.  Do not forget to put your name in the beginning of the Test.


Check your Test

Here is the answer key to your test.  Please check your test, identify your mistakes, and reflect upon your errors.  In this opportunity I would like you to create an exercise based on your errors.  It is very important that you QUESTION the answer key.  Answer Keys are never the last word.

And remember...

An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things. 
Bryant H. McGill 
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/errors.html#T0OX14vid7IwOCJe.99 


Why don't you get a job?

This unit we have been speaking about jobs. You had a great working week, so this class we are going to enjoy some music.

First of all analyze what this song is about based on the following graphic:

Create a blog with the title:  Why don't you get a Job?

Write and find the definition of the unknown vocabulary from the previous picture.

Answer the following questions in your blog:

What is the song about?
Have you ever worked for others while they do nothing?   Would you like to do that? Why? Why not?
Is it fun to let others work while you do nothing? Why? Why not?

Now Listen to the song:

Are there any expressions that you found unusual? Write them on your blog, and find the meaning of them.

Find the lyrics of the song and study them with this website:



Application Letters

Post the answers to the following tasks in your blog, under the title APPLICATION  LETTERS.

1.  Define what is an application letter.

2.  When do you write an application letter?

3.  What is the structure of an application letter?

4.  Write 5 important TIPS for writing application letters.

5.  Write an application letter for your dream job.

This video may help you in your task