Reminder of the Research Question

To analyze the data I had to take into account the following research question:

How will the Design of online video-making tasks increase fourth graders’ motivation for autonomous learning behaviour?

I kept in mind the following objectives:

General objective.

To increase fourth grader motivation for an autonomous learning behavior by using online video-making tasks.

Specific objectives.

· To teach students how to create online videos.

· To foster students’ autonomous learning behavior by applying motivational strategies.


Survey Data Analysis

In order to organize this data, Norton (2009) presents a strategy called Thematic Analysis. This strategy is used to analyze qualitative information through a set of five steps. The surveys of this project present a different type of information because its analysis must be done using a quantitative perspective. In order to interpret this information Norton (2009) presents a strategy called Frequency Counts, which is a simple method of descriptive statistics useful to display results in a summarized form. The Data analysis of the surveys (pre and Post) were done using only the answers that demonstrated a drastic change of opinion. The following were the answers that demonstrated this:

1. I look for materials to learn in better way things that I consider difficult.

5. I learn better when I choose the topics of my tasks.

7. I learn better when my classmates help me.

8. I give suggestions to my classmates about how they can improve a task.

9. I enjoy learning from my classmates.

12. After I finish a task I do not correct it unless my teacher tells me to.

13. After I finish a task I think about how to improve it.

14. I check my tasks before I hand them in.

16. When I start a task I know what my learning goal is.

17. I know what the goals of this school period are for my subjects.

18. I usually achieve my goals.

20. I understand the goals that my teachers set for me.

25. I set specific goals before I look for information.
· Motivation for decision making in tasks.

With this information and the other data analysis I got the following Themes that guided the findings of this research project:

· Cooperation among peers.

· Self-assessment of the learning process.

· Recognizing and achieving learning goals.

· Organizing the learning process.