THE NEWS WERE WRITTEN... by the students.

Welcome!! Today you are reporters.

1.  Create a post with the title:  "Passive Voice."

2.  Find 10 things that the Colombian government has done for the people.  Write ten sentences in the passive voice based on what you found.

Ex.  Many houses were given to the people.

3.  Write a news about something extraordinary that happened in the University.  Make the title using the passive voice, and then write the full news in no more than 100 words.  Try to use images and a news paper article layout.

25 Exams were failed by the Upper-Intermediate Students.
In Bogotá, more exactly at La Gran Colombia University, a mean teacher, known by the name of Mr. Z, has decided that his students do not know enough English, and decided to fail all of them by applying a difficult exam.

The University authorities are investigating the facts, but the students are not happy and they are even thinking about doing a strike.  Meanwhile, the teacher says: ¨ This is something that I wanted to do a long time ago, and I finally did."

"We hope that this problem will be solved as soon as possible," said one of the students of Mr. Z's class, and she added, "Mr. Z is the worst teacher we have had, so we knew this would happen."


Game time with Conditionals

Practice the Conditionals and have fun

Click here for larger version

Now it is your turn to create a game.  Create a post with the title "Games with Conditionals"

To create a game GO to this website and follow the instructions.

Please create ONE game of 10 points PER CONDITIONAL.

To embed your game to the blog watch this video:


The Conditionals

If you follow these instructions you will learn a lot about conditionals.

1.  Make a post in your blog with the same title as this one.

2.  Answer these questions in your post:  What do you know about conditionals?  What would you like to know about conditionals?

Watch this video:

3.  Answer these questions in your post:
   a.  What is a conditional?
   b.  When do we use a conditional?
   c.  How many types of conditionals are there?

4.  Fill in the following chart:

Type of Conditional
When do we use it?



(with different possible structures)
If Clause
Consequence Clause
When it is logic and true that the situation will happen.
If + Present simple.
Present Simple
 If you freeze water, it becomes ice.

Plants die if they don't get enough water.




5.  Make a reflection in your blog about what you learned today. What did I learned today? Were all the questions you made in point 2 answered?  Is there anything else that you would like to know about conditionals.

Extra work:::::  Find some activities on-line to practice the conditionals.  See how you do.

Here are some options:





"What did I do in my vacations"

I hope you had time to rest, to visit, to work, or to just think about something different from the University work.  Today, since it is only Monday, let's switch back to vacation mode, and create a post with the title "My Vacations of Holy Week".  Talk about your vacations, or if you had really boring vacations invent very fun and interesting activities and talk about them as if you lived it.

In the first part of the blog, write the layout of what you will write about. Take into account that you are required to create 4 paragraphs of 50 words each, for a total of 200 words maximum.  Your layout should have the ideas of what each sentence of the paragraph will contain.  For example this is my layout for my first paragraph:

(This is my example, you can create your layout differently)

In the second part start creating your full writing.  Be sure to use only 50 words per paragraph.  And create or upload a picture of your vacation.  Here is an example of the first paragraph based on the layout I did:

For my Holy Week vacation I wanted to go to a place where I connected with mother nature and relax from my stressful work.  For that reason, I went to Galapagos Islands, a fantastic paradise to live in peace with nature.  There are many activities that you can do in these Islands such as snorkeling with sharks, hike around different beaches, and enjoy the warm weather while you watch amazing animals. But these Islands are not just about having fun, Galapagos Islands are the home of the Galapagos Tortoise, a giant turtle that can only be found here.  In the following lines I will write about what I experienced in these wonderful Islands, starting with the connection with nature, and followed by the activities that I did, I hope you enjoy it.