Well! Just like Michael Jackson's Show that we never saw... We have come to an end.  I want to thank you for putting up with your work in the blogs, it has been a terrific work.  I know that sometimes it is difficult to do these tasks but I am sure that they have helped you improve your English.

As a final task I would like you to go back in your blogs and see all the work that you have done.  Please write a post saying what did you enjoy the most about doing these activities and what you did not like so much.  Also please state a general comment about what you have learned during these Tuesdays working here in the Computer lab.

Thank you very much, I had a wonderful time having all of you as my students.


How to prepare for the FCE Writing test
  • Choose a question that you are interested in. You will write better if you know the subject.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start. Make notes. You must include all the points in the instructions
  • Make a plan before you start writing. Decide what information to put in each paragraph
  • Think about who you are writing to and use an appropriate style of language
  • Try to use a range of complex language

It is time to write.  Please follow the instructions very carefully.  Try to do both tasks presented in these websites.

After doing these papers, please do the following exercises and post them in your blog.  Don't forget that time is very relevant for this  part of the FCE (If you do not have enough time today, please find 1hour and 20minutes to do the task and bring a written copy on Friday):

GENERAL DESCRIPTIONPaper format The paper contains two parts.
Timing 1 hour 20 minutes.
No. of parts 2.
No. of questions Candidates are required to complete two tasks: a compulsory one in Part 1 and one from a choice of five in Part 2.
Task types From the following: an article, an email, an essay, a letter, a report, a review, a story. Each task has a given purpose and a target reader.
Answer format The questions are in a booklet with lined pages for the answers. The blank pages at the back of the booklet can be used for writing notes or finishing answers, if necessary.
Marks Each question on this paper carries equal marks.




FCE Listening

Please be sure to create a record of how you do in each activity.
Take the tests.
Click on "check answers" when possible, avoid clicking on "see answers".
Retake the tests to score better.

Listening test 1
Listening test 2
Listening test 3
Listening test 4

Which part seemed harder?
 What do you think you can improve?
The second time you took the test, did you understand why you had answered wrong in your first try?



For this last cut you will be evaluated on the FCE, and you must approve 70% of the exam in order to pass it.  In order to recognise your exam start doing the exercises that are shown in this page and keep track of your responses.

You will only do the TEST 1 of reading, and the TEST 1 of use of English.  This chart may give you an idea of how to keep track of your responses:

Reading Test 1
Correct Responses
Incorrect Responses
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Percentage Reading:

Use of English Test 1
Correct Responses
Incorrect Responses
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Percentage Use of English:

When you finish, continue with test 2.  If you want you can do test three to study.  Post your charts in your blog and make a reflection about what you need to study and how you have improved as you do the tests.


Writing a script

Here is an example of the script from the Godfather
The blinds are closed, and so the room is dark, and with
patterned shadows.  We are watching BONASERA over the
shoulder of DON CORLEONE.  TOM HAGEN sits near a small
table, examining some paperwork, and SONNY CORLEONE stands
impatiently by the window nearest his father, sipping from a
glass of wine.  We can HEAR music, and the laughter and
voices of many people outside.

   Bonasera, we know each other for
   years, but this is the first time
   you come to me for help.  I don't
   remember the last time you invited
   me to your house for coffee...even
   though our wives are friends.

   What do you want of me?  I'll give
   you anything you want, but do what
   I ask!

   And what is that Bonasera?

BONASERA whispers into the DON's ear.

   No.  You ask for too much.

   I ask for Justice.

   The Court gave you justice.

   An eye for an eye!

   But your daughter is still alive.

   Then make them suffer as she
   suffers.  How much shall I pay you.

Both HAGEN and SONNY react.

   You never think to protect yourself
   with real friends.  You think it's
   enough to be an American.  All
   right, the Police protects you,
   there are Courts of Law, so you
   don't need a friend like me.
   But now you come to me and say Don
   Corleone, you must give me justice.
   And you don't ask in respect or
   friendship.  And you don't think to
   call me Godfather; instead you come
   to my house on the day my daughter
   is to be married and you ask me to
   do murder...for money.

   America has been good to me...

   Then take the justice from the
   judge, the bitter with the sweet,
   Bonasera.  But if you come to me
   with your friendship, your loyalty,
   then your enemies become my enemies,
   and then, believe me, they would
   fear you...

Slowly, Bonasera bows his head and murmurs.

   Be my friend.

   Good.  From me you'll get Justice.


   Some day, and that day may never
   come, I would like to call upon you
   to do me a service in return.

Today, my dear students I am calling upon you do me a service:

I would like you to start writing a SCRIPT.  Try to use as much vocabulary as you can from the unit we are doing.  The idea is that you would be able to present a play selecting the best scripts of the group.  

Be sure that before you write your script you have to:

1.  Write the plot.  (in few words describe what is the problem and which solution was given)

2.  Write the characters.  (After each character write a short description of what their role is and how they look like)

3.  Write the setting, or settings.  (Where and when does your story take place.  Describe the place, and how are you going to let the audience know about the time, if you consider it important)

4.  Start to write your SCRIPT.  Be sure to write the Stage directions, and the dialogues that take place.  Do not make it too long.

5.  Post these parts into your blog.

After you finish, based on your classmates proposals, we will bring your script to a live show.  Just like the one you just read is shown in the following video (starting in minute 1:35):


Learning new vocabulary

Create an online pictionary by creating a document in google drive.  In the dictionary be sure to have a picture and an example of the expression you are using.

The following video will show you how to create a document in Google Drive, and how to publish it in your blog.

Don't forget that a pictionary is made in an alphabetical order.


Review and Correct

Based on the comments made by your teacher, fix your letter and at the end make a reflection about your work done for writing your letter (what did you learn, how did you feel, what do you need to do a better job, etc).


Writing Letters

Writing E-mails is not that easy.  There are many things to consider.  For a starter lets watch the following video:

Every time we write an e-mail its important to consider some rules.  There are a set of rules that are called Netiquette.  And there are some specific ones for writing e-mails.  See if you can find information about e-mail netiquette.


1.  Make a post expressing why it is important to follow the rules of Netiquette for e-mails and share one of your experiences where someone or even you violated these rules. (Title of your post: RULES OF NETIQUETTE).

2.   What is the difference between informal letters and formal letters?  In which cases do you use each type of letter?

3.  Please create a post with the title "Two letters" and create the following two letters following the rubric.  Use the vocabulary suggested in your book in order to create your letters.


You have a friend that is going through a very difficult situation.  You want to cheer him/her up.  You have recently heard a song that can cheer him up.  Tell him/her why you consider that this song can help to overcome this difficult time.

Write a letter to your friend of no more than 200 words and not less than 150 words where you give him good reasons to cheer up based on the following song:

You don't have to write an address. Start your letter as follows:

Dear friend (or name of your friend),


Select a food product that you really love.  A product that is made by a famous factory (e.g Bimbo, Ramo, Alpina, Hershey's, etc)  You love this product so much that you have decided to tell the company how much you love it.  You also have some suggestions to improve the product.

Write a letter to your friend of no more than 200 words and not less than 150 words where you tell the company how much you love the product, the reasons why you love it, and you give them some advices to improve it.

You don't have to write an address. Start your letter as follows:

Dear (name of the company),


Listening Excercises

Page 14

1a.  Be sure to use the questions as guides.Listen to your classmate write down any possible mistakes and at the end tell your classmate what are some possible corrections for his or her talk.

Read the suggestions in the strategy point.

1b. Here is the audio for this point:

Listening Part 1

Record and upload voice >>

Talk with your classmate.  In which situation could the people that you did not mention feel the same way?

Listening Part 2

Read the suggestions in the strategy point.

Here is the audio

Audio recording software >>

Discuss the questions in 2c and 2d.  Share your points in a post in your blog.   Use pictures if you want.


Prepare Task 3 in page 15.  Be sure to use the vocabulary in the "Useful Language" frame.  Help your classmate with grammar and vocabulary, discourse management, pronunciation, interactive communication.

Next friday you will be evaluated in either Achievements or Celebrations.  Compare your work to the following audio.

Audio and voice recording >>

For next Monday, DO pages 18, 19, 20, 21.  There will be a grade for one or two exercises from these pages.


Vocabulary list

Welcome to the second class.  Today we are going to retain all the vocabulary that we learn in the unit of the book.

Create a new POST with the title: "Vocabulary from Unit 1"

Write all the vocabulary that you have learnt in a chart similar to this one:

Dictionary Definition
My Definition
Used in a sentence

A celebration of the occupancy of a new home.
It is a party for a friend that has bought a new house.
I bought a nice bathroom gift for the housewarming of my best friend.

We will develop the book excercises of pages 10 to 13 while you select the vocabulary.  Be sure to include all the items of vocabulary you consider necessary (expressions, compound verbs, etc.).

Here are the audios of today's lesson:

Activity for page 10

Record music and voice >>

Activity for page 13

Record music with Vocaroo >>


1st Class of Upper Intermediate English

Welcome to the world of bloggers.  In this Blog you will find all the tasks that I have done for a very long time.  Please be sure to follow the instructions exactly as I write them.

1.  Create a NEW blog using blogger, with the Title:  Name Last Name's Upper Intermediate English Blog (example: Jorge Zea's Upper Intermediate English Blog).  The URL of your blog MUST be written like this:  www.(Name)(Last name)UIE.blogspot.com (Example:  www.JorgeZeaUIE.blogspot.com)

2. Click in this link to post the address (URL) of your blog (https://docs.google.com/a/ugc.edu.co/document/d/1XGT_8yYWyLxyrO0RQixiVWMg4ULsG6LjWra4ZR6FUYg/edit)

3.  For your post, please write the exercise we did last class.  Name your post "Answer Mixed"

4.  Comment at least 3 blogs of your classmates, telling them a correction in your story or a general comment about the post.  Be sure that you have at least 2 comments in your post.



What is behind Green Day's lyrics.

As soon as your teacher tells you, fill in the blanks for this song:

Create a post with the title WARNING!

In your post, answer the questions to the task given.  Answer in full sentences.

Click Here to RE-EVALUATE yourself:



THE NEWS WERE WRITTEN... by the students.

Welcome!! Today you are reporters.

1.  Create a post with the title:  "Passive Voice."

2.  Find 10 things that the Colombian government has done for the people.  Write ten sentences in the passive voice based on what you found.

Ex.  Many houses were given to the people.

3.  Write a news about something extraordinary that happened in the University.  Make the title using the passive voice, and then write the full news in no more than 100 words.  Try to use images and a news paper article layout.

25 Exams were failed by the Upper-Intermediate Students.
In Bogotá, more exactly at La Gran Colombia University, a mean teacher, known by the name of Mr. Z, has decided that his students do not know enough English, and decided to fail all of them by applying a difficult exam.

The University authorities are investigating the facts, but the students are not happy and they are even thinking about doing a strike.  Meanwhile, the teacher says: ¨ This is something that I wanted to do a long time ago, and I finally did."

"We hope that this problem will be solved as soon as possible," said one of the students of Mr. Z's class, and she added, "Mr. Z is the worst teacher we have had, so we knew this would happen."


Game time with Conditionals

Practice the Conditionals and have fun

Click here for larger version

Now it is your turn to create a game.  Create a post with the title "Games with Conditionals"

To create a game GO to this website and follow the instructions.

Please create ONE game of 10 points PER CONDITIONAL.

To embed your game to the blog watch this video:


The Conditionals

If you follow these instructions you will learn a lot about conditionals.

1.  Make a post in your blog with the same title as this one.

2.  Answer these questions in your post:  What do you know about conditionals?  What would you like to know about conditionals?

Watch this video:

3.  Answer these questions in your post:
   a.  What is a conditional?
   b.  When do we use a conditional?
   c.  How many types of conditionals are there?

4.  Fill in the following chart:

Type of Conditional
When do we use it?



(with different possible structures)
If Clause
Consequence Clause
When it is logic and true that the situation will happen.
If + Present simple.
Present Simple
 If you freeze water, it becomes ice.

Plants die if they don't get enough water.




5.  Make a reflection in your blog about what you learned today. What did I learned today? Were all the questions you made in point 2 answered?  Is there anything else that you would like to know about conditionals.

Extra work:::::  Find some activities on-line to practice the conditionals.  See how you do.

Here are some options: