Listening Excercises

Page 14

1a.  Be sure to use the questions as guides.Listen to your classmate write down any possible mistakes and at the end tell your classmate what are some possible corrections for his or her talk.

Read the suggestions in the strategy point.

1b. Here is the audio for this point:

Listening Part 1

Record and upload voice >>

Talk with your classmate.  In which situation could the people that you did not mention feel the same way?

Listening Part 2

Read the suggestions in the strategy point.

Here is the audio

Audio recording software >>

Discuss the questions in 2c and 2d.  Share your points in a post in your blog.   Use pictures if you want.


Prepare Task 3 in page 15.  Be sure to use the vocabulary in the "Useful Language" frame.  Help your classmate with grammar and vocabulary, discourse management, pronunciation, interactive communication.

Next friday you will be evaluated in either Achievements or Celebrations.  Compare your work to the following audio.

Audio and voice recording >>

For next Monday, DO pages 18, 19, 20, 21.  There will be a grade for one or two exercises from these pages.

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