1st Class of Upper Intermediate English

Welcome to the world of bloggers.  In this Blog you will find all the tasks that I have done for a very long time.  Please be sure to follow the instructions exactly as I write them.

1.  Create a NEW blog using blogger, with the Title:  Name Last Name's Upper Intermediate English Blog (example: Jorge Zea's Upper Intermediate English Blog).  The URL of your blog MUST be written like this:  www.(Name)(Last name)UIE.blogspot.com (Example:  www.JorgeZeaUIE.blogspot.com)

2. Click in this link to post the address (URL) of your blog (https://docs.google.com/a/ugc.edu.co/document/d/1XGT_8yYWyLxyrO0RQixiVWMg4ULsG6LjWra4ZR6FUYg/edit)

3.  For your post, please write the exercise we did last class.  Name your post "Answer Mixed"

4.  Comment at least 3 blogs of your classmates, telling them a correction in your story or a general comment about the post.  Be sure that you have at least 2 comments in your post.

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