Checklist and Sample for for Mashface

As I expected many of the students did not have a webcam in their computers at home, however, they took time from their recess to develop their task. I ask them if they were not happy about being recording this in recess, but they responded that they did not feel like it was homework, and for them they were just playing. The following checklist helped them develop their task and give feedback to their classmates:

Mashface Checklist



The video addresses what you wanted to know about your interest.

The picture you used is logical with your topic.

The voice recorded is understandable. (For this you need to check pronunciation and grammar)

The mouth recorded does not move too much.

The video uses different tools given by Mashface.

I sent the video to my teacher and to my peer corrector on time.

The following video is a sample of their work with Mashface

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