Assigning Task 3 and Sample from Xtranormal

The work of the students with Xtranormal was great! They did not need extra-tools to create it, all they needed was their computers with Internet connection and their prewritten scripts. Even though there are still some punctuation mistakes they seem to know that they have them, but I must remind myself that this project is not for improving language skills, but for motivating an autonomous learning behavior. However, this does not mean that I am to forget my role as a language teacher. The following is an example of the students' work:

After talking with the students about their experiences developing task two, I gave them task 3, the last task of this project. This project was carried out using Mashface, for this task they'll need a webcam and a microfone, depending on the students availability to this I will lend them my computer ONLY during recess. I'll do this in order to test their autonomy and responsibility.

The following video is an example of what they are required to do.

For this task they are required to answer the question that they propose for their last task. What would they like to know about their interest? Then, they are to look for a representative character of their interest, E.g. if they chose music, they choose an important singer, or band. Then they will have to find a picture of this representative person of their interest, and add their voice answering the question they had.

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