Exercise with Relative Clauses

Complete the song that the teacher gave you by listening to these videos:

Correct your work with your teacher.  You have 10 minutes starting from the time your teacher tells you.

Create a post with the Title:  Relative Clauses with songs.

Write 4 DEFINING CLAUSES and 4 NON DEFINING CLAUSES per song about the stories presented in the videos.

Read at least the work of 2 classmates and write a comment where you tell them if the Clauses are defining or not.  Help them with corrections needed.  Write this in a comment under the post.

3 comentarios:

  1. This is the activity that I always enjoy, because this is the best way to practice and improve my listening hability. Thank you so much, and I hope this will repeat.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this activity Viviana. I will try to do more activities like these.

  2. Hi, Jorge!

    This activity I liked so much because I think that most of the people in the class, especially me, have problems with the pronunciation. I like to propose that for the final cut (maybe for the final activity), do a Karaoke. I have been researching and Karaoke helps to improve vocabulary and pronunciation... And also It's a great idea to sharing between classmates.

    If you decide to do the activity and need help, I will like to help!