Cooperation Vs. Competition

For today's class you will research about Cooperation vs. Competition.

I will invite you to watch a video and follow these Guidelines.

Create a Post with the title Cooperation Vs. Competition.

1. In your own words define each of the terms.

2. Which term do you think is more appropriate for life: Competition or Cooperation?

3. As a future teacher in which aspect do you think we should focus on and why?

4. Watch the following video, a part of the documentary I AM by Tom Shadyac. Write down your reflection after watching the video about the two terms being discussed (Cooperation and Competition).

5. Write webography about the two terms.

6. After doing the research, what is your position on Cooperation vs. Competition?

7. Copy some quotes from the webography you have consulted that will back up your position.

8. Make an outline of a possible 3 minute presentation you will do for next class.

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